Booking a Free Estimate

or Installation Information

Step One: Contact Energetic Concrete

By phone at: (250) 263-0966

By email at: info@energeticconcrete.ca


Step Two: Initial Meeting

After contacting us, one of our experienced Installers will visit your home/business for a free preliminary estimate and a one-on-one consult with you and/or with your designer.

Our Installers are very experienced and deliver consistent and quality workmanship in every job they do!


Step Three: Establish the Finish and Provide Detailed Estimate

The Installer will work with you to come up with a finish that is right for you, offering advice if necessary but always respecting your esthetic needs.

You can select one of the finishes out of our showroom or design something new that is uniquely tailored to your tastes and the palette of your home/business.

In the latter case, we can work up a sample for your approval. Based on this information, our installer will provide you with a detailed estimate.


Step Four: Approval and Work Starts

Work will start after you have approved the detailed estimate.

The active construction phase of a countertop project will depend initially on whether we are resurfacing an existing countertop or fabricating something off-site that will then be installed and surfaced.

Installers take every possible care during prep work and work hard to minimize the impact on your life. Above all, we respect the fact that we are guests in your home/business; from taking off our shoes at the door to keeping our work area tidy, we will do whatever is necessary to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.


Step Five: Work is Completed and the Work Site Cleaned Up

Once you are satisfied with the work, it is sealed and given the finishing touches.

The clean-up is thorough and complete - the only evidence we were there will be your beautiful new countertop or flooring.

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